There Are A Few Ways To Clean Hot Bathtubs Properly At Home

Do you still have a hot bathtub at home? If so, did you take good care of the hot bathtub and clean it regularly? Regardless of its function, whether the bathtub is in the bathroom or only used as a water storage container, cleanliness is very important to maintain. Lack of maintenance of bathtubs or mistakes in caring for them poses a serious risk to the health of the occupants of your home. Therefore, here’s how to care for hot tubs properly at home:

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Drain the Hot Tub Periodically

One way to treat a hot bathtub is by draining it regularly. Regularly draining the bathtub is something you must do when you have a bath. By draining the tub, the quality and cleanliness of the water container are maintained. This is also done to keep the water collected in the hot bathtub clean and no sediment makes the water quality dirty. Draining the tub also keeps the water clean and prevents mosquito larvae from developing.

Brush and Clean The Hot Tub’s Wall And Base

It turned out that draining the bath was not enough. After draining, you can clean the hot tub and scrub the inside and each side of the tub, especially if your bathtub is made of ceramic that has between them. You need to clean optimally so that the mold and mildew that stick to the sidelines can be clean completely.

When you are done brushing the hot tub, then don’t immediately use the tub to collect water. You can rinse it first and make sure all the dirt is removed. After everything is clean, then you can use the bath to collect the water again.

Make sure the Hot Tub’s is Closed

After draining, cleaning the hot tub, and collecting the water again, all you need to do is close the tub, especially if the water container is outside the bathroom, you must close it tightly. This is necessary to prevent the mosquito from breeding in your bathtub.