Rail System Options for Large Hedges, Gates, and Metal Fences


Rail systems are commonly employed for the installation of larger and heavier hedges, gates, and metal fence. 

Single Rail  Fence System

A single rail fence configuration consists of a thrust system equipped with a wheel mounted on the bottom door. However, compared to the double rail system, the single rail may feel heavier when in use due to its  structural design.

Weight Perception and Distribution

The weight disparity between single and double rail systems arises from the distribution of forces and weight along a single track. Two separate tracks in the double rail system distribute the load more evenly, resulting in a smoother operation.

Cost Considerations

Opting for a single rail system generally incurs higher costs due to its increased complexity. Fabricating and installing a single rail setup often necessitate specialized engineering and manufacturing processes, which contribute to its higher price tag.

Advantages of Double Rail System

Double rail systems offer several advantages. The weight distribution across two tracks results in reduced strain on the components and smoother overall operation. Moreover, double rail systems are often more cost-effective, making them a preferable choice for certain applications.


Choosing between a single rail and double rail system depends on factors such as budget, project requirements, and personal preferences. Both configurations can provide efficient and secure operation for larger hedges, gates, and metal fences. Understanding their characteristics and cost implications will help make an informed decision when selecting the appropriate rail system


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