Know the Characteristics of Real Honey

Honey is a natural ingredient that has long been known as a beauty care ingredient. The efficacy of honey has been proven since ancient times and if you want to prove it too, you can find out the benefits of honey for oily skin and how to distinguish real honey from fake honey. The thick, golden liquid produced by bees is known to have many properties. Honey is a lot of natural ingredients for health drinks. Honey is produced by bees from flower nectar. Has a sweet taste, honey is loved by everyone.

For those of you who like natural facial treatments, of course, you shouldn’t miss using honey. This one ingredient has many benefits for facial skin health. So do not be surprised if in the end this material is widely used as the main ingredient of natural masks.

Women certainly want to have a flawless face. Smooth and supple facial skin and bright white color is definitely the dream of women today. No need to bother using expensive treatments if with natural ingredients you can look perfect with healthy facial skin. Who doesn’t know a natural ingredient called honey? This one ingredient has high nutritional content. If used as a natural mask, facial skin will definitely get many good benefits. Use a honey mask regularly so that facial skin is much healthier. Honey is able to moisturize the skin and also get rid of the germs that cause acne. Honey is also effective in dealing with inflammation and also removes oily skin. The acne scars and black spots are blurred with a natural honey mask.

Honey is perfect for facial care. But of course, the honey must be the real one. If the honey is fake, the honey’s efficacy will not be optimal. You can test the authenticity of honey with water. Just try mixing honey with water, if it’s real, it won’t mix easily. Prepare a glass of water then add honey. If the honey floats and mixes immediately, it can be said that the honey is fake and contains water because it blends immediately. Meanwhile, if the honey is real, it won’t mix easily and if it’s stirred, the water will look more cloudy. This is because real honey contains flower extracts taken by bees.