The Main Raw Materials of Best Dog Food

In choosing dog food, there are many considerations that you must take, starting from the ingredients used and also the biological factors of your pet. Maybe you will be a little confused before deciding because there are so many brands of dog food that are sold in pet shops, we want to help you decide, we have summarized some of the raw materials or materials that need to be considered in determining the best dog food from sainsbury’s dog food for your beloved pet:

Meat is the most important raw material in making dog feed out of the 10 that we have summarized, meat is a source of protein that is very much needed by dogs, some meat is usually used to become food feed ingredients, including chicken, beef, goat, fish, rabbit, venison, you can choose what kind of meat you want to use because it is always available on the back of the label, of course, don’t buy products that don’t include meat as the main source of food making.

Carbohydrates and Grains
Carbohydrates and Grains are also important raw materials because they can be very beneficial, the main factor is because carbohydrates provide a lot of energy and grains are very useful for dog digestion, what should be considered is the content of wheat, corn, and peas should be less than the main ingredient of meat.

Fat for humans is a material that the body really avoids, as well as dogs, but with the most effective dose, fat is needed for cells and smooth digestion, with the presence of fat, our animals can better absorb certain vitamins, good fats are Omega- 3 and Omega-6.

Vitamins are also needed for pets, these substances are able to accelerate the metabolic process and increase the body’s immunity, in the various vitamins contained, you must make sure that Vitamin B must be at the top of the list, usually in the form of biotin, pyridoxine, riboflavin, thiamine, and different carotene. Other important vitamins are Vitamin A for skin and Vitamin E for immunity.