The standard for Using Scaffolding for Multi-storey Buildings

Scaffolding is needed to help work on multi-story buildings, especially for the accommodation of workers so that safety must be considered so that it is not dangerous when used. We can buy this tool, but when viewed from its incidental use, the choice is to rent it from a Scaffold tower hire. In the field of construction, scaffolding has several benefits such as the following, To save building materials; high-rise construction can use scaffolding to store building materials to be used get more information. Scaffolding is also used to accommodate workers in working on a project. To help support concrete; concrete that has not been able to support its weight can use scaffolding as a supporting medium. Newly-made concrete usually still waits for it to dry so that it cannot hold its weight

To avoid accidents while working, scaffolding must be installed properly and have several standards of use as follows, Scaffolding must be in good condition, well maintained, and safe when used. If anything is broken, damaged, or possibly burnt, it should be replaced immediately. Scaffolding and its supports are required to be able to support the load according to the design. Types of unstable objects such as cans, boxes, and drums should not be used as work platforms or floors. Installation of scaffolding, removal, or dismantling must be carried out under the supervision of competent workers or personnel. Attention must be paid to lifting bridles on the floor so that the stability of the floor is guaranteed. Heating, welding, riveting or other types of work with fire should not be done on hanging staging and using fiber rope which is easily damaged by heat.

If the crane hook is equipped with a safety lock, the lifting bridles on the hanging floor of the crane must be tied with a shackle to the lifting block. This is done to prevent the danger of being released from the crane hook. Access to staging has the following requirements, Staging that is more than 5 feet tall should be equipped with a ladder ramp and a stairway to facilitate access. The ramp and stairway are equipped with a midroll and handrail with a height of 90 cm or 36 inches. There is a ladder for the workers so they don’t have to take more than one step to the work floor.