Various Types Of System Open-Close Fence

The fence is one element of a building or a house that has a function to create a more perfect security system but the fence can also be a medium to make the look of the house and buildings look more beautiful and interesting. The material used to make the fence there is a variety of wood, brick, metal, and iron walls, but there are plants that have a combination as well as fences, shapes and styles and fence models are also many types, some apply the modern style, minimalist, classical, ethnic and others. It all depends on how the taste of each building owner itself. Not much different from the door in the house, the gate also consists of several types when viewed from the open system closed. Various types of open system cover is a sliding and thrust system, the main advantages of this system is very easy to use and practical because just move or push it. That’s why when the installation required experts who can provide the best results by contacting more help.

In general, this system is applied to hedges and gates of greater size and weight (thrust system) and fences made of metal or iron and the like, in addition to the main door being used as rail, rail type for hedge fence or shear there are two rails or single tracks. The system works the same and is equipped with a wheel mounted on the bottom door, but for a single rail if driven it feels heavier when compared to double tracks, it’s just the price of making it more expensive than double rails. The second system is the swing door which is the lightest and easiest to use the system because it lives swinging like a house door and space. The direction of the swing there are two kinds, namely the outward and inward direction, though easy to use, the door on the fence requires a wider place because there must be room for movement.